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What Will the Poker World Look Like in 2021?

All the way back in 2016, That Appears like half a Life ago at this Stage, I took over a PokerNews convention began by old-timer Rich Ryan, offering forecasts for the forthcoming season in the poker market There were strikes and there were lots of misses, but fun was had by all me since I attempted to divine the craziness in this wacky civilization as well as the readers as they laughed at my whiffs.

This past year, that convention has to come to a sad ending. This Bit will begin off normally enough as I run through the past year's calls, but then, it is going to take on a brand new appearance.

Specific predictions for what is to come in 2021 look Fairly pointless, since pretty many every thing hinges on the balance medially COVID-19 along with also the access to the vaccines for stated coronavirus. For all I know, we will all be vaccinated and shooting away as ordinary in six months, even although I sincerely doubt it.

Rather, I'll provide a more freeflowing look in where I Believe the industry will go in the forthcoming 10 months. And I'll close with one mad prediction which I'll completely ignore for future functions unless it really occurs.

To begin with, let us see exactly how everything from 2020 arrived out. Only know I'll be scoring those on a really generous curve after all in January 2020 if that was written, I had hardly heard of this coronavirus. Surely, such as most, I had no idea of just how radically the planet was going to change.

§ 1. Phil Crushes that the Galfond Challenge -- Sooo. Tough start to this one. Certainly didn't expect Phil Galfond falling nearly $1 million supporting before storming backagain. However, storm he did, and he has posted a perfect record so far, even winning mini-challenges against tough competition. I stated Galfond would acquire seven figures, and he is there after putting waste to Chance Kornuth.

§ 2. The WSOP Main Grows, the PSPC Shrinks -- Well, the PokerStars Players Championship certainly shrank. It moved from $26,455,500 from the prize pool not to be held in any way. Can GGPoker becoming into the Guinness World Records for the biggest online poker tournament -- dubbed the WSOP Main Event in the time in front of a late bait and switch -- count?

§ 3. An individual Off the Board Wins WSOP Player of the Year -- I believed a formulation change would open things up big time , but, well, the WSOP because we understood it did not occur, so the standard fun enclosing the points chase was off the desk.

§ 4. Phil Ivey Falls Out of the Money List Top 15 -- COVID-19 closed down reside poker created it this confessed long shot had no opportunity. Ivey apparently putting his legal woes behind him imply this one's likely off the board for future usage.

§ 5. Legislation Sets Up the Breakthrough Year (But It's 2021) -- This is really on its way to coming home, though it really gained an increase from coronavirus. Legislatures are somewhat more likely than ever to maneuver online gambling bills at the moment, and the possible conclusion of the Wire Act reinterpretation that threatened to close online poker down at the U.S. means exciting items might be brewing. Offering myself yet another credit here.

But where do I see things progressing in 2021?

Not Hopeful for Major Live Events

The year 2020 attracted unprecedented changes to this Poker world because it didn't pretty many every business.

The most obvious thing, of course, was that the glaring Lack of major live poker tournaments. The European Poker Tour was essentially absent apart from a Sochi occasion which is not readily accessible for many players. The World Poker Tour held only a small number of occasions before finishing down reside surgeries for the year in early March. Along with the World Series of Poker shifted essentially its complete schedule online barring a sudden hybrid Main Event to finish the year.

Regrettably, at this stage, there is not many argumentation For optimism that things will probably return to normal for 2021.

COVID-19, Regardless of the development of a vaccine, stays A substantial problem in the majority of the world.

In certain locales, poker operators have selected to soldier on. Look no farther than the WPT event happening in Florida this past week. It made headlines for a solid turnout of all 1,573 entries. Without doubt, that will embolden a few to try wear a huge event. Hell, there is another WPT coming up just around the corner in Venetian.

But, that appears likely to become much more of an oddity than the standard, at Least in the near future.

While the possibility for the vaccine to help apparent Things up is exciting, the glacial pace at which it is being dispersed makes me significantly less than optimistic it's a discernible effect this past year. Greater than 2% of the U.S. has obtained the complete vaccination in the time of composing. I understand in the country where I reside, nobody I am aware of under age 70 who does not work in healthcare has gotten a before all else dosage scheduled.

Aside from the aforementioned Venetian occasion, the WPT Has nothing to the program apart from online things.

The EPT has just another Sochi event formally on the docket. The much-anticipated next running of the PSPC, that was assumed to come to pass at Barcelona at 2020, nevertheless has just the initial postponement statement as its final major upgrade. It appears improbable PokerStars will operate the event when it can not hold a candle to the before all else iteration, a never-before-seen spectacle redefined what a 25K tournament could seem to be.

In Terms of the largest tournament Collection of all WSOP. . .well, generally by today, PokerNews gets the ball rolling concerning planning coverage for your summer bonanza. I am able to share this is not true for 2021 at right now.

I do understand partially one important Vegas poker destination Includes a huge series intended for the summer, so I'm not ruling out a WSOP in certain form. In case it happens, however, I think it'll be heavily slanted to online events with a few combined and non-holdsoftball formats which the customer can not support possibly playing live, together with some large final tables. I am not sure those smaller areas would be achievable with the present global travel scenario.

I don't expect everything that looks like a normal Schedule of live significant tournaments before 2022. I could see some items creeping Back toward normal in the next weeks of 2021, however I feel as if everything large Was arriving before then, we would have heard of it by now.

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